How to Ace Your Interview for a Job of a Receptionist?


Young receptionist in her jobMore than thirty job applicants submit their application for every single receptionist job opening advertised in the United States. There is a huge competition on the job market. To get this job is more difficult as one would think. You should prepare for the interview questions and learn some unique interview tips in order to have a good chance to succeed. You should find all you need to know on the pages of Welcome!


What to expect in an interview?

You can expect several personal, behavioral and technical questions. Sometimes, they may test your knowledge of foreign language with a simple test or conversation and your character and attitudes with a personality test (These tests are used especially in big hotel chains). After all, the impression you make on the interviewer is very important and can decide it for you. You have to know how to make a good impression on the interviewers. Without it, it’s impossible to get this job. We will talk about it later. Let’s have a look at the most common questions they use right now.

List of most common interview questions for receptionist

Personal impression is very important

Receptionist is workingInterviewers in hotels and companies understand the importance of a good receptionist for every business. This person is responsible for a first impression, he or she is the first point of contact for all the guests. Therefor, they are very cautious in an interview and observe a lot of things… Is it pleasant to talk to you? Are you a good listener? Do you keep eye contact all the time? Do you smile when talking? Do you speak to the point? Are you motivated to have this job?

They watch all these things and much more… If you want to succeed and get the job, you need to work on your non-verbal communication too. Try to be a good companion in your interview, try to be a good listener. It is absolutely crucial for achieving success in the interview.

Dress also matters

People who say that interview attire is not important should think once again. Attire is important all the time and it matters especially in an interview for a position of a receptionist. So, what to put on? Some people guess that attractive dress, or even a tooth-some one is the best choice. While it is not the worst choice, it is surely not the ideal one. You should visit the hotel (or the company) prior to the interview and check the dress code of the receptionists. Do they wear trousers or skirts? What about their neckline? Do they wear any accessories, or not? Once you understand it, you should follow it when choosing your own interview attire. This is the best way to fir into the working environment right in an interview. Every hiring manager will appreciate it.

Twenty tough questions, thirty competitors, role plays and tests. It’s pretty tough to get ready for this interview. It’s even tougher to succeed there… We hope to help you with the information on our website. However, if you want to really be the best one, if you want a perfect study material you can print and follow step by step to understand how to tackle each and every challenge in a receptionist interview, you should have a look at our e-book, Rceptionist Interview Guide. Thank you for checking it out!