How to Ace Your Interview for a Job of a Receptionist?


Young receptionist in her jobMore than thirty people submit their application for every single job opening for a receptionist advertised in the United States. The competition is huge and to get this job is much more difficult as people generally think. You have to prepare for the questions and learn how to impress the recruiters, in order to have a good chance to succeed and get a job. should help you with it.


What to expect in an interview?

You can expect a mix of personal, behavioral and technical questions. They may apply language, or personality test too. (These tests are used especially in big hotel chains).

And after all, the impression you make on the recruiters is very important. Without making a good one, it’s impossible to get this job. We will talk about it later in detail. Let’s have a look at the most common questions right now.

List of most common interview questions for receptionists

Impression is very important

Receptionist is workingInterviewers in hotels and companies understand the crucial role of a receptionist in every single business. This person represents the first line of contact with every single guest! Just think about it… Therefor, recruiters are very cautious and observe a lot of things in your interview… Is it a pleasure to talk to you? Are you a good listener? Do you keep eye contact? Do you smile when talking? Do you talk to the point? Are you motivated to have this job?

They take notice of all these things and much more… If you want to succeed and get a job of a receptionist, you need to work on your non-verbal communication too. Try to be a good companion in your interview, try to be a good listener. It is absolutely crucial for your success.


Your attire matters

Many people say that interview attire is not important. But they should think once again! Attire is important all the time. So, what to put on? Some candidates guess that attractive dress, or even a tooth-some one is their best choice. Well, it is not the worst choice, but it is surely not the best one. The best choice is the one that corresponds with the dress code of the company where you apply for the job. You should visit it prior to your interview (if possible due to distance) and check what the receptionists wear. Do they wear trousers or skirts? What about their neckline? Do they wear any accessories, or not? Once you know it, you should stick to it when choosing your own attire. This is the right way to fit into the working environment, not only in the eyes of the hiring managers.


What to say at the end?

Twenty tough interview questions, thirty competitors, difficult role play and your stress in an interview… Well, it’s pretty difficult to get a job of a receptionist. If you want to know something other job seekers don’t know and outclass them, have a look at our Receptionist Interview Guide. You will find there multiple brilliant answers to all twenty-five tough interview questions, role play examples with solutions, as well as winning interview strategies. It’s your unique chance to succeed. Don’t miss it… Please click here to read more about the guide and see the references.

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