Can You Work with MS Office? What Other Software Programs Can You Work With?


Receptionist is working on a PC

Good applicant for receptionist job should have decent skills with MS Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook (or common software alternatives in your country).

Your answer should be longer than just few words, saying that you can work with MS Office. You should elaborate on that with clarification of your experience (when you worked with it last time, how long you’ve been familiar with it, etc).

What’s more, I suggest you to be careful about overrating your computer skills. The HR managers can easily give you a practical test in an interview, asking you to do simple jobs with Excel, Word, or with other software. Therefor you should not play an expert (unless you are one).  


Sample answer

I have been using MS Word and Ms Excel for the past ten years. I am proficient with 2010 edition. On the top of that, I am an experienced user of various scheduling and booking programs, such as Booking Pro and Best Scheduler, and I am sure I will learn to work with any other program, since the user interfaces are similar.

I used MS Office at the college, but haven’t worked much with it ever since, except of making my resume. On the other hand, my computer intelligence is good, and I believe to get the skill back quickly. I am ready to commit my time and study hard, to ensure I will be ready for my duties from the first day in work.


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