How Would You Rate an Importance of a Receptionist if We Talked about Overall Impression of a Guest?


Handshake of  guest and a receptionist

Hotel is like an organism, and each person is important. We all play our roles while trying to achieve the overall satisfaction of a guest. Good receptionist can neither make, nor break a hotel. She is important, but she will not make excellent breakfast, or clean a room, or offer a special service. These duties are for other staff members to take care of, and receptionist can not influence them.

On the other hand, receptionist represents a first line of contact in a hotel (or a company) and she is also the last person guests see while leaving. Just think about it. She answers phone calls from both outside and inside of the hotel, she meets new guests, she talks to people when they are returning to their rooms in the evening.

A good job applicant should be aware of the importance of their role. Therefore, anytime asked about the importance of the receptionist, you should choose 10 out of 10, or, in other words, you should stress that this role is extremely important for the satisfaction of the guests.

Sample Answers

Receptionist is the first and the last person guests talk to. If she makes a good impression, it will be easier for the other staff members to carry on. On the other hand, if she makes a wrong first impression, it can make the job of others difficult.

I would give her ten since I believe that in a good hotel everyone should strive for perfection. Receptionists, maids, waitresses, everyone should do the job well, so the guests have no reason to complain and will come back again. Even if I have a bad day in personal life, I never let it to influence my performance in work, since I know how important it is for the hotel.


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