If a guest accused you of bad service, what would you do?


Receptionist is making clients happy

A common rule all good hotels stick to says: Guest is always right.

You should emphasize that you try to avoid any conflicts with guests, and always go above and beyond for the customer. But if someone accused you of a bad service, you would do your best to not harm the reputation of the hotel and at the same time satisfy the guest.

Sample answers

I always work responsibly and try to meet and exceed the expectations of every guest. But if it happened, I would apologize and ask what I did wrong. Then I’d try to solve the problem.

I would apologize and try to address his request. If I could not do it, I’d offer him help of the manager. Anyway, I would stay calm, listen to him, and then I would remember the lesson I learned from our encounter and approach similar request of another guests more appropriately.

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