If a guest accused you of bad service, what would you do?


Receptionist is making clients happy

Customer is always right, at least according to the internal policy of most companies and hotels. Therefore you should never suggest arguing with a guest. Oppositely, you should suggest giving them additional questions, trying to make them satisfied with your service. You can also say you would offer them an assistance of “more experienced” colleagues, or call a manager, if you did not handle the problem on your own.

Sample answers

First of all, this is unlikely to happen, as I always do my job in a responsible way and try to exceed the expectations of guests. But if it happened, I would apologize, ask what I did wrong, and I would try to remedy it.

I would apologize and politely ask them what I should do better. I would try to correct my mistake, and if I could not, I would call the manager to address the situation.

I would try to stay calm, listen to their needs and complaints, and act according to the hotel policy. Later I would remember the lesson I learned in that particular situation, to ensure I’d approach another guest in a better way next time.

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