Client calls you. He wants to book twenty rooms for forty people. But we have only ten rooms available. What would you do?


Panel of interviewers in a hotel

Good receptionists can think business wise, and interviewers try to find out if you have the right mindset when asking you this type of questions (short case studies). Does the profit of the hotel shines on your list of priorities? Can you solve common problems in a most favorable way.

Booking twenty rooms is a big deal for any hotel. Satisfied guests may come back, even many times, and always book twenty rooms, for example for a team-building event. Therefore you should do your best to not lose the client, even though the capacity does not allow you to book all the rooms.

Sample answers

Twenty rooms is a big deal and we should do our best to serve the client. On the other hand, we can not cancel the reservations for other guests, because everyone is important and each guest can share both positive and negative reviews of the hotel. Therefore I would probably say the client that I have to check the availability and that I would call him back in ten minutes. I would meet the manager and discuss the options.

I would apologize and say that we had only ten rooms available. However, I would recommend the following solution: He takes ten rooms in our hotel, and I take care of reserving ten other rooms in a nearby hotel (or a partnering one). I’d try to do something extraordinary, so we do not lose a business. Of course, before doing this, I would consult the manager to ensure it corresponds with our policies.


The interviewers can inquire about a variety of situations. Guests with pets, people with special needs, big groups, drunken guests, etc.

When thinking about a solution to a problem, you should always remember the following: Try to satisfy the guest and make a best possible decision for the hotel. If you stick to this rule, you will find a good answer to their questions.


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