This Job Is Repetitive. What Would Motivate You to Do It Well Every Day?


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Some people deal with a variety of new tasks on a daily basis, and it motivates them in work. But not everyone of us needs new challenges to stay motivated. Ideal receptionist candidate should prefer routine jobs and this should be your answer in an interview. Good feeling from a well done job can also resonate, as well as other factors of motivation.

Or you can express an alternative opinion, saying that you do not consider this job repetitive. New guest come and go, new challenges turn up all the time. After all, you strive to improve your working performance, so routine is out of a question :). Let’s have a look at few answers.

Good answers

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To be honest, I prefer routine to creativity. Once I learn to do my duties, I do them well and have good feeling from doing my job well. Jobs in that you have to learn new things every day are not a good choice for me..

Good relationships motivate me the most. If I enjoy time spent with my colleagues, if I feel like a member of a hard-working team, it makes me happy and motivated to work hard. It does not matter if the job is repetitive or not.

From my point of view, this job is not repetitive. While receptionists do the same things again and again, there are also problems we need to solve and new guests we talk to every day. Many different things happen in job. Some tasks may be repeated every day, but it doesn’t make the time in work boring.

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