This Job Is Repetitive. What Would Motivate You to Do It Well Every Day?


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Some people deal with a variety of tasks on a daily basis, their schedule changes, and it motivates them enjoy their time in job . But not everyone needs new challenges to stay motivated.

Daily job of a receptionist can be repetitive, especially in big hotels and companies. Therefor I suggest you to focus on your preference to routine jobs. A good feeling from a well-done job can resonate in your answer.

Alternatively, you can say that with right mindset and attitude to work, the job never gets routine. New guest come and go after all, problems turn up from time to time. when one strives to improve their working efficiency, routine is out of question. Let’s have a look at good answers.

Good answers

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To be honest, I prefer routine jobs. Once I learn to do things, I do my job well and have good feeling from doing it.

Everything depends on the relationships. If I enjoy time spent with my colleagues, if I feel like a member of a hard-working team, it makes me happy and motivated to work hard all time. Whether the job is boring is irrelevant to me. 

From my point of view, this job is not repetitive. I know that receptionists do the same things again and again. But there are problems we need to solve, and new clients we talk to every single day. This job is fun to do, not a repetitive one. Some tasks may be routine, but it doesn’t make the time in work boring. At least that’s how I feel about my job.


Going an extra mile

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