Why Do You Want to Become a Receptionist?


Receptionist is doing more things at a time

Popular position all around the world, people often imagine that all the receptionists have a convenient job, working in nice places and hotel resorts. Far from truth…. But what is your vision? Why do YOU want to get this particular position?

When answering this question in an interview, you should try to convince the recruiters that receptionist is a job you want to have, not just a job you need (because you need money or can’t get a better one)...

Enthusiasm, enthusiasm, and enthusiasm

Non-verbal communication always reveals the truth. If you speak about the job with enthusiasm, if you smile in an interview, if you are positive about your future, they will believe you. Oppositely, if you look tired, not interested or even sad, you can hardly make a good impression, doesn’t matter what you say to them. So motivate yourself, and focus on the following in your answer:

  • Desire to have this particular job and reasons for your preferences
  • Abilities and predispositions that make a good receptionist candidate from you (e.g. good communication skills)
  • Added value you can bring to the company as a receptionist


Sample Answers

I always wanted to work as a receptionist, because I like the hotel environment and enjoy talking to different people from different places. This job simply suits my nature perfectly.

I believe that I can do a really good job as a receptionist. Other people enjoy talking to me, I have good understanding for the needs of the others and on the top of that, I do speak three languages. Therefore I believe to deliver a great value to both my employers and their guests.

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