Why Do You Want to Work as a Receptionist Here, and Not in Another Hotel (Company)?


Woman is interviewed for a job of hotel receptionist

Recruiters try to find out whether you actually care about their company, or whether you consider this meeting just another job interview in another hotel. They also try to see whether you can identify position of their business on the market and appreciate the value they bring to all the stakeholders.

People from management are typically proud on their institutions. They know a lot about them and often consider them the best on the market. Truth or not, doesn’t matter for you. You should try to stroke their ego and compliment them for their job.

Research will help

Try to research about their company. If you apply for a hotel receptionist job, you should visit booking.com and check the reviews. Or you can check other travelers’ websites and read what people think about their hotel. Write down positive comments. If you apply for an office receptionist position, you should browse their website and find something interesting about them and their history. Write it down and use these notes to identify good reasons to work for them, and talk about these reasons in your answer.

Sample Answers

Receptionist is on a call

This hotel has great reviews on all major booking websites. A wonderful location, one of the best places to stay in the city. I would be very proud to work here as a receptionist and add to this good impression as a receptionist.

I really like the variety of activities you offer to your guests. Swimming for children, thematic evenings for elderly couples, romantic dinners for everyone. The rooms are really nice as well, and spacious. All the staff members I’ve met here so far were extremely friendly. I would be happy to work at this place and will definitely recommend it to the others.

Small details make a difference

Saying something nice about the place or the management can give you an advantage in an interview. Consider this question as an opportunity to stand out from the crowd of the other applicants.

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