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The website was established by Amanda Seizling, Recruitment Consultant & Certified Career Coach from Miami, who has worked in a corporate and agency recruitment for seven years.

Amanda decided to change her career in 2012. She started coaching people who wanted to succeed in an interview for a variety of customer service positions. She wrote articles for several websites and magazines, before establishing her own website in 2013, the one you are browsing right now.

Amanda is a member of Career Consulting Association since December 2017, which commits her to provide excellent and transparent services to her clients.

Her eBook, the Receptionist Interview Guide, has become a favorite study material for people who apply for their first job of a receptionist. The long term refund rate of 3.7% testifies to the quality of the book (we offer risk free sixty days money back guarantee on all purchases).

Apart from her career in recruitment, coaching, and writing, Amanda likes reading books, especially poetry, and she also enjoys walking in the woods.


Website traffic statistics

traffic statistics for the website

  • We have welcomed more than 350,000 unique visitors since May 2013.
  • The 2.61 pages/session ratio belong to the best in the industry, testifying to the quality of website content.
  • We have received traffic from 517 different traffic sources, including social networks, search engines, bookmarking sites, news portals, forums, and other (five leading are Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and YouTube).
  • People visited us from 223 different countries and territories, the leading five being United States, India, United Kingdom, Canada, and South Africa.

If you would like to know more information, please contact us. Thank you.

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