Can you work with MS Office? What other software can you work with?

Receptionist is working on her desktop, looking focused, checking the emails from the hotel guests

You should have decent skills with MS Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook (or common office software they use in your country).

When answering the question in an interview, say them how long you have been working with the software, and how ti helped you in your work.

You can also say that you have decent computer skills in general, which helps you to learn new software quickly.

Having said that, you should not overrate your skills. The interviewers can easily give you a practical test in an interview, asking you to do some simple jobs with Excel, Word, or with other software. I did this regularly in the interviews, and it helped me to understand a lot about the job candidates (their methodology of work, if they can typewrite, their real experience with the software, etc).  


Sample answer

I have been working with MS Word and Ms Excel for the past ten years. I am proficient with 2013 edition. On the top of that, I am an experienced user of various scheduling and booking programs, such as Booking Pro and Best Scheduler, and I am sure I will learn to work with any other program, becasue the user interfaces are similar in all of them.

I worked with MS Office at the college, but I haven’t worked with it much since then, except of making my resume. On the other hand, my computer intelligence is good, and I believe to get the skill back in no time.

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