A customer calls you. They want to book twenty rooms for forty people, but we have only ten rooms available. What will you do?

Panel of interviewers in a hotel, they look in a bad mood, interviewing a receptionist job applicant

Good receptionists have some understanding for the business. They always try to do the most favorable thing for the hotel–for their employer.

Questions that target situations that can realistically happen in your job of a receptionist help the interviewers to understand whether you have the right attitude, whether you will do the right thing.

Let’s get back to the original question. Twenty rooms is big deal for every hotel. The customer, their peers, or peers of their peers can come back other times (for example for another team building event), if they feel good, if they enjoy their first stay.

In a good answer to this question you should say that you’d do your best to make a reservation for the client,though the capacity does not allow for a simple reservation. Let’s have a look at a good answer.

Sample answer

Twenty rooms is a big deal. I would try my best to reserve the rooms for the client. On the other hand, we can not cancel the reservations of other guests, because opinion of every guest is important, and cancelling can lead to bad reviews. Therefor I would probably say them that I had to check the availability for them and would call back one hour later. After doing that I would consult the manager on the options we have.

The interviewers can inquire about a variety of situations. Guests with pets, people with special needs, big groups, drunken guests, etc. Try to think about each situation from the perspective of a hotel owner, and of the other guests. What is the best thing you can do to help their reputation, their profits, and their position on the market?


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