On a scale from one to ten, how would you rate an importance of a receptionist, if we talk about overall impression and satisfaction of a guest?

Two businessman shake hands, illustration of a situation from a job interview

Each person is important; each person plays their role and has some impact on the overall impression a hotel guest has from the place. Good receptionist can neither make, nor break a hotel.

Receptionist are important, but they do not make good breakfast, clean a room properly, or offer special services (unless they are obliged to do so in a job contract, which happens in some small hotels).

Most of the time, however, other staff members will be responsible for other tasks that matter for the guest.

On the other hand, receptionists answer phone calls from both outside and inside of the hotel, and they are the first and the last points of contact for most guest.

A good applicant for this job should be aware of the importance of their position. Don’t hesitate to choose ten out of ten, showing the employers that you approach your job responsibly, and believe in a value you can bring to their hotel.

Sample answers

I would say ten. Receptionist is the first and the last point of contact for the guest. If they make a good first impression, the life of other staff members will be much easier.

I would give them ten. I believe that in a hotel like this one, everything has to be perfect. From receptionist, through chambermaids, to managers. Everyone needs to do their job well, so the guests have no reason to complain.

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